‘The only good thing to come out of Brexit was the finding of BGM and appointing them to act on our behalf on shipment of products to/from EU. Being a company with very much a personal touch, they have undoubtedly saved Trico from the chaos which confronted the company. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending BGM to resolve EU trade problems’

Keith Dunk – Chairman – Trico V.E. Ltd

BGM has launched a new service to make customs declarations on your behalf

In January 2021 all goods to and from the EU must have a customs declaration. We would recommend you get a customs agent to help you with this. Choosing a customs agency can be daunting, knowing who to trust with your cargo in a sea of clearance brokers is challenging to say the least. At BGM, we’re continually striving for excellence, providing our customers with innovative solutions that simplify the declaration process. With this in mind, we have developed a new system that keeps all documentation securely online and accessible to customers, so you always meet HMRC rules.

We will become your partner, helping you understand your commodity codes and customs procedures. We can help you understand the impact of the different shipping terms and make sure you have the right steps in place to mitigate the extra costs and keep you competitive.

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How should you prepare?

The British Government has issued these points of advice to UK manufacturers around the movement of goods and how to prepare for Brexit. These are:

  • Get an EORI Number: This is critical.
  • Appoint a clearing agent: All shipments moving between the UK and the EU will need to be declared to customs from 1st January 2021. This will cause an enormous increase in customs declarations: BGM can take on this role and help you keep moving in 2021.
  • Talk to your suppliers and customers in Europe. Do they want to use the Common Transit procedures (T1)? Make sure all the guarantees are in place for this.
  • Import & Export registration licences: It would be wise to consider all licence requirements under WTO rules.
  • Contact your hauliers for security documents. – Be in regular contact with your hauliers, how are they preparing and will they be able to offer the service you require after the Transition period ends.

We believe you should also be doing the following:

  1. Get an EROI number! (This is crucial)
  2. Identify the commodity codes of all your raw materials and your finished products (don’t forget spares). This is ALL raw materials and products, not just those related to the EU.
  3. Renegotiate your terms with your suppliers and customers. Move Ex-works to FCA and DDP to DAP.
  4. Get a deferment account. This is much simpler now and you probably won’t need to give any guarantees for this.
  5. Get registered for Simplified Procedures.
  6. Make sure everything is in place for the procedures you want to use.
  7. Review your customs processes (How will you submit customs entries?)
  8. Try and understand the impact on transit times and costs?
  9. Look at  ways to reduce the impact of Duty and VAT?

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