BGM has teamed up with cargo-select to develop an exciting new tool that drastically reduces and simplifies the freight quoting process.

  • Cargo-select is revolutionising the logistics industry.
  • BGM has teamed up with Cargo-select to deliver exciting new logistics software.
  • The Cargo-select software provides shipping quotes in under 60 seconds – for any mode, origin, destination or size of item.
  • The Cargo-select software drastically reduces shipping and administration costs for freight forwarders.
  • Cargo-select will revolutionise your business.
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What they do

Cargo-Select has developed a unique multimodal rate calculator and service comparison platform. Ideal for Freight Forwarders, Logistics Providers and Manufacturers, Cargo-Select improves rate management, the quoting process and response times. We understand the importance of responding to customer enquires promptly and accurately, the difference between winning or losing business often comes down to the time it took to get back to that customer with a price. We also understand the challenges people face that mean instant responses aren’t always possible, so we look at those bottle necks and provide a solution that helps you overcome them. We configure each platform using your rates, services and charges. We don’t provide a one size fits all solution, we tailor each Cargo-Select platform to the needs of each Cargo-Select customer. If you want to respond to customers faster, operate more efficiently, improve productivity, win more business and provide a better service to your customers, Cargo-Select will help you do just that!